Tela Frida

Tela Frida is a celebration of colour, texture, and elegant style – with touches of bohemian hippie-hippie shake, retro-glam, and child-light funkiness.

Creative visionary artist, Ra’z Salvarita, remembers a childhood play of stripping coconut leaves; and folding them in zigzag pattern; and then skewer them on a stick. And when living in Bali together with artist-writer Elle Divine, they have noticed the Balinese craftsmanship of utilizing the same art style in their daily ritual offering decorations.

The inspiration rolled in to birth this collection that promotes sustainable eco-fashion and enlivens the bright, boho-chic style of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Our team upcycles pre-loved clothing made of linen materials. The sheer elegance of natural linen fibre excites us to co-create simple, beautiful things.

The slightest feel of linen dangling on your ears is nostalgic to childhood fun memories.

Our earrings are plug and play!

Sold Out Collection 2015

Kindred Craft is a product that supports the work of environmental education non-profit Gugma Gaia on the island of Negros in the Philippines. Visit website


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