Tierra Frida

Tierra Frida is born of the inspiration to revive and cultivate the ancestral primitive tradition of the early inhabitants of Negros Island. By co-creating with nature and the hueman heart through creative imagination combined with folkloric belief, the early people of the island have created terracotta pieces such as beads and amulets to decorate and protect themselves.

Gugma Gaia follows the inspiration to combine the primitive art with contemporary designs of our time. Creative visionary artist Ra’z Salvarita has co-created the Tierra Frida collection by hand-caressing the clay, and then allowing the elements to do their part – water to soften the earth, the air to dry it, and fire to harden the form. We have learned the frequency of patience, intuition, meditation, and sensitivity.

Gugma means “Love” in the Bisayan vernacular; and Gaia means “Earth Mother”. And now you may connect the dots and imagine how we co-create beautiful simple things with much love and passion.

Sold Out Collection 2015

Kindred Craft is a product of Gugma Gaia in support of the environmental education non-profit Gugma Gaia on Negros Island, Philippines. Visit site here

Cover Model: Victoria Carberry, US Peace Corps Volunteer to the Philippines (Dumaguete)


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